Venue® Herbicide: Now Registered for Use in Nonbearing Citrus Crops

May 21, 2020Wilmington, DE

Venue®, a broadleaf herbicide from Nichino America, is now registered for use on nonbearing citrus crops in California and Arizona the company announced today. 

The herbicide has been granted a label expansion for dormant and in-season use to control broadleaf weeds in nonbearing citrus crops including field bindweed, malva, stinging nettle, prickly lettuce, sowthistle, panicle willowweed, and purslane and to suppress tough weeds such as marestail and fleabane. Venue is a Group 14 PPO contact herbicide which works by disrupting cell membrane integrity resulting in rapid desiccation of plant tissue. 

Venue is less volatile compared to other PPO chemistries and has little to no soil residual activity, reducing the risk of injury to newly planted nonbearing citrus trees and surrounding crops. It also carries a Caution label making the product easy-to-use and worker friendly. “These benefits, coupled with fast burndown of broadleaf weeds are important qualities to growers,” says Cathy Fleming-Wimer, product manager for Nichino America, Inc. “That’s why Venue should be considered every time a grower goes out with a contact herbicide,” she adds. 

Venue at 3 to 4 fl oz per acre should be used in combination with glufosinate, glyphosate, or paraquat to enhance performance of the tankmix and increase control of tough weeds in nonbearing citrus crops. The Venue label allows a maximum yearly dosage of 6.8 fl oz per acre for dormant applications and 12.0 fl oz per acre for in-season applications. Always read and follow all labels for use directions.