Venue® Herbicide: Now Registered for Sucker Control in Hops in Idaho, Oregon and Washington

November 20, 2019 – Wilmington, Delaware

Venue®, a broadleaf herbicide from Nichino America, is now approved for sucker management in hops in the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, the company announced today. 

The herbicide has been granted a label expansion for in-season use for broadleaf weeds and sucker management in hops. This product brings a much-needed alternative chemistry for hopyards. Venue is a Group 14 PPO contact herbicide/desiccant which burns down suckers and tender shoots without translocation into the crop. “The key strength of Venue is it is particularly effective against hop growth at the basal area where diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew build” says Cathy Fleming-Wimer, product manager for Nichino America. “When you control suckers, you help prevent diseases from moving into the crop,” she adds. 

Venue is less volatile than other chemistries, reducing the risk of injury to surrounding crops. It also carries a Caution label making the product easy-to-use and worker friendly. “These benefits, coupled with excellent control of suckers and fast burndown of broadleaf weeds are important qualities to growers,” says Fleming-Wimer. “That’s why Venue should be considered every time a grower goes out with a contact herbicide.” 

Venue at 4 fl. oz. per acre can be used alone or in combination with paraquat, glufosinate, 2,4-D, or carfentrazone. The Venue label allows a total of 8 fl. oz. per acre per year. Always read and follow all labels for use directions.