Torac® Insecticide: A Unique Mode of Action for Control of Thrips in Onions

April 9, 2019 – Wilmington, Delaware

Torac® Insecticide from Nichino America, Inc. has been granted U.S. EPA label expansion for use in onions the company announced today.

Torac controls thrips in onions and other bulb vegetables (Crop Group 3-07). The active ingredient in Torac, tolfenpyrad, works by blocking cellular respiration and is effective on immature and adult stages of thrips. Because Torac causes rapid cessation of feeding in the pest, it also aids in reducing the transmission of Iris Yellow Spot Virus (IYSV). Torac belongs to the METI (Mitochondrial Electron Transport Inhibitor) class of compounds, IRAC Group 21A Insecticide. Torac is an excellent rotational option to manage resistance in spray programs for onions. For effective resistance management, Torac should be used in rotation with insecticides of different modes of action.

Torac is a contact foliar insecticide which means proper application and coverage is critical for maximizing control. Application with an adjuvant/spreader will optimize uniformity of coverage and performance. The label states a maximum dosage of 72 fluid ounces per year with a maximum of 3 applications per year. Torac has a 7-day preharvest interval (PHI).