Rapid cessation of feeding damage.

Translaminar activity.

Highly effective in preventing transmission of plant viruses.


PQZ® Insecticide is effective on most developmental stages of target insects, including adults which is the stage where transmitting and spreading of plant viruses occur. The rapid cessation of feeding by treated insects, strong residual activity, and translaminar properties provided by PQZ allows immediate and long-lasting protection against insect pests and the viruses they transmit. The high level of efficacy, selectivity to beneficial insects, and favorable environmental profile make PQZ an excellent tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Approved Crops

Brassica head and stem vegetables

Citrus fruit


Cucurbit vegetables

Fruiting vegetables


Leaf petiole vegetables

Leafy vegetables

Pome Fruit

Stone Fruit

Tree Nuts

Tuberous and corm vegetables