A unique co-formulation offering two different modes of action.

Highly systemic, quick penetration of foliage, and long-lasting protection.

Preventive and curative activity, plus superior sporulation control.


Eject® Fungicide contains two effective active ingredients (cymoxanil and propamocarb hydrochloride) with different modes of action for control of downy mildew and late blight. Cymoxanil penetrates the leaf quickly and rapidly acts on infection, disrupting the disease cycle. Propamocarb acts systemically, protecting new growth from spores. Both active ingredients feature antisporulant activity. Eject provides downy mildew control in leafy green and cucurbit vegetables as well as late blight in fruiting vegetables and potatoes. With dual modes of action, Eject serves as an excellent rotational option for resistance management programs in labeled crops.

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Cucurbit Vegetables

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