Portal® Miticide/Insecticide Granted Expanded Label for Berry and Bean Crops

Wilmington, DE – February 13, 2020

Nichino America, Inc. has been granted a label expansion for Portal® Miticide/Insecticide for use in bushberry (Crop Subgroup 13-07B); caneberry (Crop Subgroup 13-07A); and succulent bean the company announced today.

Portal controls several mite species in berry and bean crops with the added benefit of leafhopper and mealybug control in caneberry.

The active ingredient in Portal, fenpyroximate, works by blocking cellular respiration and is effective on all developmental stages of mites: larvae, nymphs, and adults. It also provides topical ovicidal activity on eggs contacted by spray solution. Portal causes rapid cessation of feeding and oviposition within hours after application. Portal belongs to the METI (Mitochondrial Electron Transport Inhibitor) class of compounds, IRAC Group 21A Insecticide. For effective resistance management, Portal should be used in rotation with insecticides of different modes of action.

Portal is a contact miticide/insecticide so thorough spray coverage is essential. Based on the label, growers can make two applications per year using the rate of 2 pints per acre. The label also states a 12-hour reentry interval (REI) and a 1-day preharvest interval (PHI) for bushberry, caneberry, and succulent bean.

Refer to your local Nichino America sales or product development representative for more information.