Bexar® CA Insecticide – A New Mode of Action for Control of Citrus Thrips in Citrus Crops Now Registered in California

April 30, 2020Wilmington, DE

Bexar® CA, a broad-spectrum insecticide from Nichino America, Inc, is now registered for use on citrus crops in designated counties in the state of California, the company announced today. 

This product brings a much-needed alternative chemistry for citrus thrips. Additionally, Bexar CA controls several other key pests in citrus, including aphids, Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), bud mite, citricola scale, citrus mealybug, katydids, and soft scales. 

The active ingredient in Bexar CA, tolfenpyrad, is an IRAC Group 21A insecticide that works by blocking cellular respiration. It is effective on all life stages of thrips and other key citrus pests, including eggs. Bexar CA causes rapid feeding inhibition, providing fast and complete control of pests in a single application, including those pests known to be resistant to other modes of action. Bexar CA is an ideal alternative to organophosphate (OP), carbamate, pyrethroid, neonicotinoid, and spinosyn insecticides. It is also an excellent rotational option to manage resistance in spray programs for citrus. For effective resistance management, Bexar CA should be used in rotation with insecticides of different modes of action. 

For citrus thrips, apply Bexar CA using 27 fluid ounces per acre. Bexar CA is a contact and residual insecticide. Thorough spray coverage is critical to obtain optimal control. The label for Bexar CA states a 12-hour REI, and there is a 3-day PHI for citrus crops. Refer to product label for county restrictions, application timing and rates, and directions for use. 

MRLs exist for citrus crops for many major export countries; refer to the global MRL database for current established tolerances www.globalmrl.com/db#query