Gatten® Fungicide Granted Expanded Label for Melon and Cucumber/Squash Crops

April 3, 2020 – Wilmington, DE

Gatten®, a unique mode-of-action fungicide marketed by Nichino America, has been granted a label expansion for use in melons (subgroup 9A) and squash/cucumber (subgroup 9B) the company announced today. 

This product brings a much-needed alternative chemistry for control of powdery mildew in cucurbit crops. Gatten is a FRAC Group U13 fungicide that has shown no cross resistance with existing fungicides. Gatten has demonstrated a high level of efficacy similar to or better than that of current fungicides. This makes Gatten an ideal rotational tool for resistance management programs. 

The active ingredient in Gatten, flutianil, inhibits the powdery mildew pathogen from absorbing nutrients from the crop, making it impossible for the pathogen to grow and expand. Gatten also limits the development and dispersion of viable spores, helping to break the disease cycle. Additionally, Gatten has translaminar movement which provides protection to both sides of the leaf and improves control, especially when foliage is dense. 

Gatten should be applied using 6.0 to 8.0 fluid ounces per acre. The label for Gatten states a 12-hour REI, and there is a 0-day PHI for melon and cucumber/squash crops. Always read and follow all use directions.